CNC Turning and Precision Engineering in Brighouse

At GRD Precision Ltd, we specialise in both manual and computer-aided component manufacturing. From CNC milling to jig manufacturing, our highly trained team has years of industry experience. Based in Brighouse, we serve clients across the West Yorkshire area, meeting all of your precision engineering requirements.

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Brass cylindrical component

Precision Machining

We offer specialised precision machining for high-quality components and fixtures. Materials used include metal alloys, mild steel, nylon and titanium.

Manual Turning and Milling

Our engineers are experienced in traditional methods of manual turning and milling. If you need to manufacture one-off, prototype or test products, these services are best suited to you.

CNC Turning and Milling

Our computer-aided CNC turning and CNC milling services are ideal for meeting your high-volume manufacturing requirements with a high degree of accuracy and detail.

CNC CMM Inspection

Our CMM inspection service for CNC manufactured parts guarantees 100% precision measurements in-line with your specifications.

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Aberlink Zenith too CNC CMM

Component Manufacturing

At GRD Precision Ltd, our experienced team offers custom component manufacturing services for all your precision engineering requirements.

Jig Manufacturing

Our team manufactures high-quality jigs and fixtures to customer specifications. Our experienced engineers are happy to assist you with prototype development and custom design services.

Finishing Treatments

We offer a wide variety of surface finishes and treatments to ensure the longevity and quality of all your products throughout West Yorkshire.

To discuss your precision engineering requirements, contact us by email or call us on 01484 400 854